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A Story of Fresh

Meet the Artisan



     I currently hold a degree and license in the field of nutrition. My work for more than twenty years has given me extensive training needed to evaluate nutrition needs of others and to promote healing. I have worked within the VA medical setting as well as home-based programs.


     My work within various trauma, burn and wound care facilities has been invaluable. I have seen some serious and extensive burns, non-healing surgical wounds, and chronic skin issues that have required specialized nutrition approach to heal. After more than two decades of clinical research, I am convinced it is not only what we eat but what we choose to use as skin care products that can influence our health.  

     My second passion is working with my hands and creating.  I have been making handmade soaps for family and friends who have allergies to the big box store brand soaps which has turned into an awesome adventure!

     In recent years much more emphasis has been put on using naturally grown ingredients like herbs, lemon grass, loofah (luffa) as a holistic approach to the health of our outer skin. More than 50 million Americans have been diagnosed  with some type of allergy so it is time to consider not only what we eat but also what we choose to bathe with. 


     One more reason to use clean ingredients of carefully selected and sustainably sourced oils in making handmade soaps and other skincare products. I don’t believe bath bombs are beneficial for skin care as the base of these products is baking soda and coconut which will contribute to drying your skin if you use these on a regular basis.  

    I regularly get emails and inquiries which has helped grow this product line. Please feel free to reach out to us with your needs if you find the ingredient list of oils do not fit your situation. Formulating and testing product can take some time but if  you are patient, we will make a soap bar for you.   

                           ~ Mariah

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